Saturday, February 28, 2009

8 is Great!

Maija and her cousin Kaleb were baptized today! It was a very fun day. We all had lunch and a birthday party at our house afterwards. Maija also got some professional pictures taken tonight. As soon as we get those online, we will show you!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

8 grandkids and counting on the Lingard side

On the Lingard side there are now 8 grandkids and one more on the way!

Can you name off all the kids on this side?

Can you group them by family? (this one should be easy, they are color coded!)

Preston, 9
Maija, 8
Andrew, 7
Brenna, 7
Katelyn, 3
Maren, 2
Seth, 1
Adeleine, 9 months
Unknown, 3 months gestation

Saturday, February 14, 2009

15 grandkids and counting on the Bench side

On the Bench side there are now 15 grandkids, with the 16th on its way!

Can you name them all, and put them in the right family?

I'll help you with the names and ages.

Matthew, 13
Annie, 12
Preston, 9
Avram, 9
Cohen, 8
Maija, 8
Kaleb, 8
Ethen, 5
Aubree, 4
Elianah, 4
Gaven, 3
Sabrina, 2
Abigayil, 2
Maren, 2
Dalen, 4 months
Unknown... 3 months gestation