Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Preston!!

Today Preston turns 9 years old! Where has time gone? We went out for dinner with Jesa and Dave and their kids to Spaghetti Works and then to Cold Stone for ice cream. Preston put some money in the tip jar and they sang him a fun happy birthday song. Now everyone is in bed.

Preston's birthday party will be Saturday. We are having a double party with his cousin Ethen since his birthday is on the 30th. We will have pictures then!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New house ramblings and pictures!

Lookee! Pictures! I used my nifty cell phone camera. It did pretty nice pictures. These are of our possible land where our new house will go. We have put money down on 2 lots to hold them until our Texas house sells.

View from the street.

View from the street.

View from the alley.

This is what our house will look like! 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, full basement. The garage is in the back with a private street/alley. Don't you love it?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Its been too long

Time really is flying by. We have been here for almost 3 weeks now! We are still not unpacked though we are in our own house. Slowly but surely we will get it done, only to move again, hopefully by the end of the year (or sooner!).

My camera cord is still missing. I feel bad for not having any pictures!

Ok, here is a picture of the cute little house we are living in. I snagged the picture off the County Assessors website. I need your opinions on what colors to paint it! It needs to be 3 colors and no blue, white, or gray for the main color on the house. The reason for no blue white or gray is because every other house in our neighborhood are those colors! We need something different and snazzy. Currently its yellow, white and a weird green color. HELP ME PAINT MY HOUSE!

It looks a lot better right now (this picture is very old). The front has some nice little landscaping done so no more big bushes all over it and the grass is nice and manicured. Now we just need to get the paint looking spectacular!

The kids are doing great now. They love going to Prescott and are making new friends. Maren has recovered from her illnesses finally. Adam is enjoying his new job and learning a lot of new computer things. I am just hanging out and not getting much done around the house!

We will be back in Texas on May 10-12th so keep any eye out for us!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We survived!

We made it to Nebraska! We got here at midnight on Saturday, or I suppose it was really Sunday. We crashed at my sister Jesicah's house and then Sunday morning some wonderful men from our new ward and some family members helped to unload the truck. It only took about 2 hours and I was so surprised it went so fast!

Not much was harmed in the move. That made me quite happy. The move TO Texas 3 years ago was a little hard on my new furniture.

We are still staying at my sister's house and slowly getting our house put together and unpacked. We hope to be sleeping there by Saturday. Email me to get our new address and phone numbers!

The kids started school today. They think its great to be going to the same elementary school that I went to when I first moved to Lincoln. Not much has changed inside the school! Sort of brings back weird memories of going there.

Adam is in training for the next two weeks with his new job. He likes it but is still nervous that he does not know enough. I keep telling him that they would not have hired him if they thought he didn't know enough or couldn't do the job!

Maren is sick. She needs to go see a doctor. She had tubes put in a week ago and now she's sick and rubbing her ears again and has had a fever for 2 days. This poor girl just can't get a break. Tomorrow I have to call our old pediatrician and see if they will take us back as patients and add Maren into the mix since she wasn't here last time we saw them. I really hope they will, because we really liked our doctor.

My camera is hiding from me so I have no pictures to show of the move or our house. I'll try to find it this week.

Wish us luck unpacking and getting settled in!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hellooooooooo tubes!

Today was the day! Miss Maren got tubes in her ears. She was such a trooper. Never cried once! She really didn't like the ver-sed (loopy juice!) they gave her but after about 10 minutes she was quite mellow and was just watching everyone as they rolled her away. The procedure was super fast. I sat in the waiting room for maybe 3 minutes before they came out and told me it was done! They told me that little kids seem to be howling monsters when they wake up from anesthesia but Maren was totally quiet and very still and just watched everyone for a while in the recovery room. She was so good that they brought me back early to see her. She whined a few pitiful whines when she saw me and I picked her up and that was it. She got to nurse and we snuggled for a while and then they said she could get dressed and go home. They gave her a fun wagon ride out to the car and she just sat back and watched and held onto the blue bear they gave her and her pink bunny from Easter. She had a good nap and then ate some lunch and has been a little clingy tonight but thats it. I am so glad its done and her ears can heal now.