Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maren has new eyes now too....

Maren is following in the footsteps of her older siblings. Preston started wearing glasses at age 4. Maija started wearing glasses at age 3. Maren will now wear glasses at the ripe old age of 2! Does this mean this new baby will wear them at age 1???

Isn't she cute? She calls them Princess glasses. We should have them next week sometime.

These are her back up pair of glasses. Maybe she will like these ones more? Darn cute.

Maren also thinks that this is the proper way to wear a headband, like a hat she says. She wouldn't let me switch it and wore them that way all through Target. She would also stand in front of carts that were coming towards us and put one hand on her hip and the other hand out and yell "STOP!!". She makes for a fun shopping experience. :)

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Our Family said...

Ok she could not be any cuter! i think the pain is really for Mom. You have to keep track of them! How would you even know that she needed glasses? Tricia