Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Maren's allergy testing

Maren had her allergy testing done today. About 3 weeks ago she had an allergic reaction to some cashews so the pediatrician recommended we get her tested for all nuts since we have another nut allergic child in the family already.

Poor kid screamed and screamed when they did the marks on her back. She did lay still for the time they needed her to, but complained her back hurt and wanted to scratch it. Maija helped to entertain her by showing her Pokemon on the Nintendo DS and held her hand while I held her other hand and rubbed her legs and head. Afterwards they rubbed some lotion on her back to help the itching go away.

So, the results are:
Allergic to cashews, pistachios, walnuts AND peanuts.

The peanut allergy kind of surprised me, though I don't know why, since that is what Preston is allergic to. She is not allergic to eggs which is great. Preston is allergic to eggs and that makes it difficult sometimes. She doesn't really show any reaction to seasonal stuff or animals which is also great.

So now we carry 2 epi pens for my 2 nut allergic kids. She will also need to wear a Medic Alert bracelet, just like Preston.

Maija is the lucky one, with no known allergies. I pray this next baby is like Maija.

Poor puffy eyes

Ouchy reactions on her back

Afterwards she was somewhat happy to be able to play with the big kids.

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