Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pretty smiling girl!

I can't believe its been almost a month! Oooops! Paige is just shy of 8 weeks old now. She is awake a lot more now and is starting to try to interact. She smiles and tries to talk. Its just too cute. Paige switched reflux medications for the third time and I am hoping this one is the right one. So far so good, she's much happier and comfortable. As of her last doctor appointment she was almost 11lbs so I am pretty sure she is 12lbs now. Paige also currently has her first cold. We are hoping and praying that it just stays a stuffy nose and not turn into something more serious.

The other kids are great. We just had Parent/Teacher conferences and Preston and Maija are star students. Loved by their teachers and classmates. Preston was voted by all of his peers to be the class representative for the Character Council for his school. Maija's teacher said she is the most happy and smiling student she has ever seen! Maren is talking up a storm and being a totally sassy almost 3 year old.

Here's a video of Paige smiling. I have no idea why blogger is cutting the screen off. Sorry!

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