Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gosh darn it!

Why do you people do this? I've been tagged again. Really now. Do we have to do this?

10 Random things about me? Moi?

1. I hate shoes. I love sandals. I will wear sandals in the winter.

2. I have a metal plate and 6 screws in my leg. I feel rather special about that.

3. I have a Bachelors degree in Secondary Education, emphasis in Home Ec, or as some boring people call it Family and Consumer Sciences.

4. I drive a gold minivan with a really cool tan, almost burberryish plaid on the inside on the seats. It rocks!

5. I bought a webcam! Now I can be all sorts of cool and talk to people in real life. Wanna webbycam it with me?

6. I gave up my beloved, yet sadly underused craft room for my baby. She can't sleep in my closet forever.

7. I sleep with my own blankets. I don't share well at night.

8. I sat next to Ted Nugent on a plane ride once. Ok, I lied. I made my sister, Elysah, sit next to him because he was kinda scary looking and big, and was wearing frighteningly short shorts!

9. We might be moving. I'll let ya all know in a few weeks what happens with that. ;)

10. I have a tattoo. Ha ha ha, NO, I won't show it to you. Only special people have seen it.

Ok, so now I need to tag other people. How about Andrea L, Teri Le (yes, again!) and Sarah W.



Teri Le said...

you turkey. Just for that, you need to email me a picture of the tattoo.

Mickelmonkey Mama said...

Ha Ha! I've seen your tattoo! I'm so proud to be one of the lucky few! AND I am very anxious to hear details about your "maybe move"

Sarah said...

Ok, so I have seen the tattoo...I am special! but did I HAVE to get tagged?? And Teri dont wanna know where that tat is...{grin}