Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween, finally

Ok, here it is. Halloween! We moved the day after Halloween and then my laptop got sent in for repairs so I couldn't post about it.

We had a ton of fun and have way too much candy. We went trick or treating at Adam's work, then to the Trunk or Treat at church, and then to round it all off, we went trick or treating around my parent's house. 3 TIMES THE CANDY!! Maren had a blast at Adam's work. She would grab and grab and grab the candy and every time we tried to stop her they would all say "No! Let her take the candy!" So we had to empty her pumpkin out twice since it was so full!!

Maren was a pink poodle, Maija was a Gossamer Ghost (thats what the tag said) minus the face make up and Preston was a vampire but everyone thought he was Harry Potter since he forgot his vampire teeth and didn't want any make up on.

The weather was so nice!

We also made special Mummy hot dogs and dirt cake for dinner.

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Diana said...

It looks like a great Halloween! The kids looked so cute in their costumes and the pumpkins were very good! :) The food looked great! How fun!