Thursday, November 6, 2008

I need your help!

I am desperate to find something! I need a house number that Lowes is selling. Problem is, its on clearance and places are running out fast! I need the #1. Its a 6 inch tall black metal number. I will even take the one off the display box, I'm not picky. Here is a picture of the zero for reference. I will love you forever and pay you for the number and your time and shipping too!


Sarah W. said...

Hey! I found you through Andrea Larson's Blog... I know Adam through his family and am childhood friends with Melissa. It's fun to see the pics of your family. The last time I saw you guys, I was in the MTC and you both worked there. anyway... here is my blog info... check out, leave comments and tell Adam and the gang Hi for me
Sarah Stone Widdison

Diana said...

Hey guys! I am going to be changing our blog to private soon. If you want to keep up with our blog, when you get a chance, will you leave your e-mail address on our blog so I can invite you. :)