Saturday, December 13, 2008

And the stockings were hung

Too much partying today for Abbie's 2nd birthday and this is where we found baby Dalen. Passed out under the tree. Man, what is in that milk he's drinking?

Poor kid under the tree

We saw Santa today at the ward party. Maija was all smiles. Preston enjoyed it too but my camera died.

Maren, well, she's afraid of everything. Lots of screaming, crying and shaking. She grabbed that bag of candy and begged to leave! She even covered her eyes and kept saying "scary! scary!"

Maybe next year she will realize that he's the man with the big fat sack full of toys.

We are lucky. We get 2 sets of stockings to fill!

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Doreen said...

Thats so funny that she called him "scary". Sabrina won't go to Santa either.