Saturday, December 27, 2008

Caught red-handed!

Or multi-colored handed??

Last night I was mixing color into frosting to make Maren's birthday cake. She was very intrigued by what I was doing and kept trying to grab the food coloring bottles and got a spoon and was trying to poke the frosting. My mistake was leaving the box of food coloring on the table.

This morning Maren was a little too quiet in the kitchen. Adam went in there and said "OH Maren!" and she immediately put her hands behind her back and said "Hi Daddy!" He took her off the chair and sent her to me and she walked over to me with her head down and said "I naughny (naughty)"

She got the food coloring bottles out and decided they were tons of fun! She emptied the blue and the green totally and the red and yellow are both half gone. Luckily the kids had left their cereal bowls with a little bit of milk on the table and they made a lovely receptacle for the colors. It was on the table, the floor, the chair, her pjs, her hands and a little on her face. Maren had to get a shower, which to her is a punishment. Poor kid.

Of course, us being wonderful parents, had to grab the camera and document it for all to see.

Adam had to go to the store to get me more food coloring so I could finish the cake.

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