Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lunch with the Marenator

Today's menu started out as Stroganoff. She liked it for a few bites and decided it was not pleasurable anymore and tried to throw it off the tray. Stickiness thwarted her plans. It stuck to her hands instead. Mommy has the magic though. She can make any icky food into yummy food! Whats the secret? Alfredo sauce.

Hmmmm, its ok for now.


I need to think about this.

I'm thinking this isn't so good.

Maybe a little Alfredo sauce mom?

Perfecto! It IS good!

Now do I want some milk to go with that?

Look Aunt Sarah and JuJus! I can eat with my eyes closed!


Sarah said...

"MOM! LOOK! I can TALK with my EYES CLOSED!"


Andy4eric said...

Yum, Alfredo sauce! I love it!