Thursday, March 6, 2008

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto! Oh, I mean Texas!

Wait, this is Texas people. This doesn't happen in Texas in March! ITS SNOWING! Like lots of thick fluffy stick to the ground snow! What happened to my beautiful Texas weather? (hee hee mom)

Adam's work is cancelling everything and getting hotel rooms for people. This just makes me giggle. Adam is driving home very slowly. He knows how to drive on snow and ice, but its the other drivers he is worried about!

We don't have a snow shovel and the kids have no boots! I hope this melts soon. I find it funny that its not even snowing in Nebraska. Send the snow back where it belongs!

3:15pm, snowing for about 4 hours now.

As of 6pm we had a total of 7 inches! The kids are building a fort.

Yummy on both accounts.

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Shannon said...

It snowed here last night - the most beautiful puffy snow. I loved it... of course, we are now going to get warm again. Welcome to Nebraska!!!